Your Customers are Online, are You?

Decentralized Social Network

Decentralized Social Network

Are you searching for a decentralized social network that will value your conservative opinions? is a brand new social site where you're free to discuss hot topics, news, and ideas with others- without fear that your voice will be supressed. If you're tired of Facebook limiting your reach or searching on obscure platforms to find lost friends from Twitter, HashtagSpace is the ideal landing spot for your social presence.

5 Reasons You Want to Be Found on HashtagSpace

1. Innovative features, like voice messages, make using our social network more enjoyable than on any other social platform. Additional features include:

  • One-click poll creation
  • Gif and File uploads into messages
  • Sell a product for free in less than a minute
  • Add your location
  • Create an audio upload
  • And more!

Posting on our decentralized social network makes it easy to meet new friends who share your values, ideas, and interests.

2. Free speech is highly valued on HashtagSpace; that means administration won't flag your posts or shadow ban your content based on an agenda. Friends and family will reliably find your posts in their social feed and be able to share pictures, videos, audio, and so much more with you, as well. If you were numbered among the more than 50 million Twitter users who lost their accounts in the conservative user purge, you can certainly appreciate a decentralized social network where your account is safeguarded against such an attack.

3. The HashtagSpace network provides access to hashtag domains that can be purchased for $24.95. Owning a # domain on the decentralized internet means you can resolve a current dot com website to your new hashtag domain so that customers or clients can find you on the Web 3.0, as well. Investing in hashtag domains is a smart move because your content on the decentralized internet is safer than on the World Wide Web. If you're a business owner with a Web presence, you'll want to consider creating a budget for purchasing # domains.

Owning your business' name in the form of a hashtag domain is a great place to start, but you can minimize competition on the Web 3.0 by buying up keywords and key phrases in the form of domain names, as well.

4. You'll notice some of your friends are already on HashtagSpace, with more making the move week by week. Share your HashtagSpace posts on other platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Telegram

As more conservatives make the exodus from conventional social media sites to HaashtagSpace, popular usernames will become more scarce. If you plan to use our decentralized social network in the future, you may consider reserving your username now. As a perk, your social name will be registerd as a free hashtag domain name that belongs to you on the decentralized internet- not bad for free!

5. HashtagSpace is already a thriving community made up of free speech champions, like you; in time, what is being built on our platform will dwarf other networks in terms of services and amenities. Register your name today and take a look around HashtagSpace to see what is already available and what's to come:

  • Sell household products on the # marketplace
  • Find friends, new and old
  • Search the internet with Duck Duck Go
  • Read blog articles- or create your own!
  • Check out the domain network, search for available domain names, and buy your very first decentralized digital asset
  • Read news articles from reliable sources with no political agenda
  • Join popular groups
  • Purchase SEO services from marketing experts to promote your business
  • Become a welcomed part of the HashtagSpace community where your voice will be heard

Are You Ready To Go Decentralized?

Sign-up on HashtagSpace is easy- in less than a minute, you'll be exploring all of our services and network features. Customize your homepage with a Day Mode or Night Mode background, then start looking around. You'll earn points just for posting, liking, sharing, and adding value to our social site. Points turn into money yoiu can transfer out of your account and spend as you like.

The internet is changing; it's no longer a hospitable place where free thinkers can share ideas and content without fear of being taken down, silenced, or supressed. The decentralized internet has a new future in store for brave explorers who are willing to leave behind a broken system and forge ahead with a new vision, one that values each person's unique creativity and personality. If you're not satisfied with what the internet has turned into, our team would like to invite you to join HashtagSpace's decentralized social network. Contact CEO Robert Bibb at 1.304.933.1944 for more information.

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